In this programme learners attend when coming back from school. The programme provide a holistic psycho-social support to Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) and is in line with the National Strategic Plan 2012-2016.  The programme assist OVC and their families to have access on help of home works, health care, nutrition, childcare, family, family income, legal protection, caring adults, education and community support. Life skills training is also provided during weekends and school holidays.


This is an awareness programme for communities and learners on the danger of substance abuse and the types of drugs and drugs dependency.  The effect of drugs physically, emotionally, social life (relationships) and in terms of religion/spiritual. The awareness takes 30 to 45 minutes A session.


The project provide income to parents/guardians of OVC enrolled in our After School Care Programme and other community members in need. This done through training of parents in partnership with department of Agriculture to establish backyard food gardens and communal gardens where land is available and linking such projects with Business People.

  • MENTORING AND COACHING (Two Days Mentors Masterclass)

This programme is run with our partner Ruzivo Training Consultancy. The programme mentoring for success is a Structured Approach to Effective Talent Management . It focus on the identification of cases for mentoring ,the key relationships in mentoring, understanding behavioural and generational differences ,practical competency assessment and development ,effective knowledge transfer with experts and tools and lastly best practices in structured mentoring. This programme has been implemented in companies and Universities with a success, e.g. UNISA . We implement 12 months formal and structured Mentoring programs, we manage ,measure and support these critical relationships and we align our program to your Talent Management Strategy.

  • Youth Social Behavior Change Programme for Reduction of HIV and Teenage Pregnancy

This programme is the initiative of the Department of Social Development which recognizes the increasing need to integrate the health and wellbeing of young people with social developmental services especially for youth between the ages of 15-24 years. This programme will be complemented by the Bright Star Skills programme which is  also a behavior change programme and it will be implemented in the 7 municipality of GERT SIBANDE DISTRICT in partnership with local CBOs and Sun of Joy Foundation as a LEAD ORGANIZATION.